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November 14, 2016 0 comment

minimalist kitchen wants

SOOOOOOO I BOUGHT A HOUSE!!! Heh. I am so excited guys. I am a landowner. Actually, even better than that, Michael and I bought a house together. So we’re sorta officially a little family with the perfect little home in North Denver. We’ve been having a blast decorating and setting things up; it’s totally a nest. It wasn’t all that long ago that we were in a long-distance relationship and now here we are, happily together in our home.

We decided to go very minimal with our home. We both got ride of a lot of stuff. We’ve been setting things up, purging old furniture, buying new furniture (this and this, squee), and now I am slowly replacing our old items with shiny new things. In terms of belongings, we really don’t need much more than we have now. We’re keeping it lean in the kitchen (okay we own a few gadgets), but I am trying to replace our college hand-me-downs and put beautiful simple items throughout the house.

The recycled glass cups are something we already picked up! We found this exact set in France and carted them home in our carry-ons. I’m dreaming about more wooden spoons and replacing our flatware with a matching set. Like seriously, how the heck do we have so many different kinds of forks? Where did they all even come from?

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