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Gallery Wall Diy

My house is not one of those really put together homes that you walk into from time to time and think “jeez, this person is an adult.” I live in this sort of mish/mash of items I’ve collected over the years and the random hand-me-downs I’ve been lucky to receive. I don’t have a nicely painted dresser or modern looking couch. I definitely don’t have anything that matches anything else in my whole home and my pride and joy are the very few dishes I’ve picked up from Crate and Barrel in the past few years. It definitely looks like a teenager and granny both reside in my little 650 square foot row house, not a 24 year old graphic designer.

Gallery Wall Diy

The main issue isn’t that I don’t have taste. I think I could nicely decorate a home if I could. I just don’t have the means. I spend my meager wages on photo gear and tech gadgets and mostly on travel, so I haven’t really ever taken to funds needed to make my home look how I’ve wanted to.

I think with my home, it’s just going to be baby steps. This wall here, that piece of furniture there. New dishes this year, new cutlery next. After all, I do want a nice cozy home to live in. I just can’t afford it all at once.

Gallery Wall Diy

It really does help that my boyfriend is in a major nesting phase right now. He’s been hanging lights, bringing in new furniture, decorating with holiday items. I’m lucky to have a dude who cares what his home looks like. Well my home. Technically it’s my home. But you know.

He has all kinds of ideas for me, which is keeping me on my toes. He’s more of a collector than I am, but somehow I seem to have more clutter than he does. I think I get emotionally attached to silly things like books and he just likes everything to be in sets. He has collections of leaves and knives and polaroid photos and keyboards and other little oddities. I am more of the “b-b-but my best friend in third grade painted this popsicle stick for me so I HAVE to keep it.”


Gallery Wall Diy

Anyway, one of my big goals for next year is to get rid of so. much. stuff. Yeah. Like, all of it. Okay not all but A LOT. I’m talking clothes, books, knick knacks, dishes, decorations, SHOES. WHO NEEDS 63 PAIRS OF SHOES? I don’t. Thusly they are going to find new homes. I still have the Twilight books sitting on my shelf for Pete’s sake. I mean, come on Rachel.

Focusing on little projects like like making a gallery wall helps me though. It gets me thinking about what I really need and love and what I don’t really need or love. In my quest to begin my curated lifestyle next year, I hope to ring in the first with a prettier, cleaner home and life. I also want to have people over, but am so embarrassed by my ugly barren walls. Guh.

Gallery Wall Diy

Have any of you Pinterest users out there seen this gallery wall trend yet? I’ve been eyeing it for a while. I never really noticed how much of home decor comes and goes just like fashion.

What are some of your favorite home trends you’ve seen lately? I’m thinking about record players, rugs and drapey blankets next…

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