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spring cleaning tips

I had a good weekend. It shouldn’t have been a good weekend… It should have been an emotional, anxious, tears all over my pajamas weekend.
1. My boyfriend was gone. When he’s gone I basically stay inside for weeks on end (you think I am exaggerating, but I’m not), only coming out to walk my dog once a day and go to work.
2. I didn’t feel good last week
3. I was stuck inside the whole weekend

But somehow, it all sort of worked out. I stayed inside except to get my groceries and I cleaned. That’s right folks, I’ve been using my own cleaning guide. And holy schmidt, it’s harder than I thought it would be. I got through the first seven days of the guide with only a few minor hiccups (wheezing over my nail polish collection, getting anxiety about throwing away polishes I’ve literally had for a decade). I also managed to get a good deal of food prep done AND I found a bit of time for relaxation. So ten points for Gryffindor over here.

I also spent a bit of time reflecting on my feedback of the guide so far and thought I’d make a separate little post about my page on cleaning tips. It’s perhaps the most original part of the guide. I came up with two of these tips on my own, one of them I am pretty sure deserves a Pulitzer or Nobel Peace Prize or something. I’m serious. It’s the Clean 30s portion of my guide. I came up with this idea in high school and it has revolutionized not only the cleanliness of my home, but also my life’s whole workflow. Bite size chunks of productivity, followed by periods of relaxation and enjoyment. Interval style pieces of productivity keep me constantly going. Anyway, you can read my tips on keeping a clean home below and also make sure to check out the full guide!


Forever my favorite cleaning trick, I developed this one in highschool when I often got hassled about
my dirty room. Clean 30s are exactly what they sound like: cleaning reps. Between leisureful activities,
you will find me stopping to clean 30 things. Every object you put away is a single number. Larger
tasks like doing the dishes are typically counted as a grouped number such as 5. I like to do clean 30s
between chapters of books or episodes of TV shows. It’s how I let myself relax and be productive at
the same time!

I once had to clean my whole house in a dauntingly small amount of time and asked my friend if I
could text him everything I was doing to keep me accountable and focused. He gladly said yes and
we’ve been doing it back and forth for years now. Every time I have to go on a cleaning binge, I text
him after I complete several tasks. It feels so good to tell someone how much ass you’re kicking in
your house. It’s just good motivation. I always promise myself I cannot check my phone until I finish
cleaning a whole room and then I list everything I did in a text to my friend.

Wisdom passed down from my grandmother: she calls it the “clean as you go” lifestyle. She was
specifically talking about dishes when she explained it to me, but it applies anywhere. Clean up your
messes as you make them. Train your mind to factor in time and energy for cleaning in any activity.

This is a tip I have yet to explore. The idea is to clean up every room, every time you leave it. You
should ultimately get into the ultra-quick process of always being clean. It takes an extra minute or two
most of the time, but means your house is virtually always picked up. Just imagine.


spring cleaning tips

3 comments on “Cleaning Tips”

  1. This is so needed, yet I feel like pretending I never read this..! haha
    I am the absolute worst at keeping the areas around me tidy, but it is definitely something I feel like I need to actually need to master. I love the idea of accountability texts, my friend and I have been doing this with our to-do lists and art projects to keep ourselves committed!

    1. Haha! I gotcha with this one. ; )
      Accountability texts for art projects is SUCH a good idea! I will have to try that one out. But first I will have to find some art projects to do. I’ve been thinking about trying out Suminagashi after I move! Are you working on any cool art projects right now?

      1. Yeah, the texts really work, PLUS we send each other progress pics so we can help critique each other and keep things moving.
        Personally I’m working on an illustrated zine for a little show next month, as well as some cutesy wedding invites and such. Anything to keep busy, you know? I hadn’t even heard of Suminigashi, but that looks beautiful! Definitely post pictures if you do!

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