Bathroom Plants


Bathroom Plants


Image Via: Domino Mag

My tiny shotgun-style row home just doesn’t get much light, so my plants have a really hard time. Not to mention that I am an evil plant murderer. The room that gets the absolute least light in my whole house is my bathroom though; I just cannot have plants in there. It’s been super bumming me out that I can’t have greenery in every room of my home and that all of my plants have to be tucked up into the window sills. Poor things grow all wonky, reaching for the sunlight they can’t ever seem to find.

Bathroom Plants


Image Via: A Merry Mishap

Of course, with a problem like this, I sought out the Pinterest gods to find a solution for putting some foliage into my dark scary bathroom. That’s when I found the image above and was like OH DUH. I need plants that can die in that dark hole of a bathroom… plants without roots, plants like clipped flowers or maybe clippings from gigantic fern (named Gloria), that’s way too big anyway.

Last night I clipped a few of Gloria’s gigantic branches/leaves/whatever and grabbed an old spaghetti sauce jar from the cupboard and BAM, now I have plants in my bathroom and I am one silly housing project closer to feeling like my house looks the way I want it to. Did you guys catch the post about strategically stacked books? I haven’t found much of a place for those in my home yet, but I’m still working on it. What I did do was clean the living heck out of my bookshelves and got rid of like 1/3 of my books and the shelves are organized and clean and not crammed full anymore.

SPEAKING OF, I really want to start a book exchange. Anyone in? It could coincide with my monthly bookclub, or not. Doesn’t matter. Anyway I buy a lot of books and I don’t need to keep them forever, I’d rather just keep passing them along! Interested? Email me at info@ridingsandco.com.

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