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When I was a teenager in my freshman year of high school, this really strange trend began happening. All the kids my age moved from baggy black pants with excessive zippers on them into tight jeans and vintage t-shirts. Some kids were lucky enough to have parents that still had their old band shirts, others like myself had to scour the Internet (this was before Etsy, folks. Ebay was still news to me) or hit the local thrift stores to find your dad’s old Nuggets jersey he so daftly discarded next to your mom’s coffee stained crochet doilies. Thanks, dad.

It was during this phase of life that I began to realize that my natural talents extended beyond my ability to make the scariest facial expressions known to mankind and being one of the few girls at the skate park who could “drop in” to the bowls. I was good at finding items in the thrift store that other people only dreamed about. I was damn good. I’m talking 2005, thrift store Harry Potter shirt before the movies had been made with the original hand artwork on it. I still sleep in that bad boy. Or the most beautifully punk-rock head scarves that I was pretty sure were only available to celebrities or people in LA.

Fast forward eight years and I’ve only gotten better. I go in and own thrift stores. Namely one thrift store these days, but its not just the store, I’ve honed my thrifting into a craft.

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Today I decided that being in the neighborhood and receiving the great news of my first job interview, I ought to go celebrate and look for a pair of new shoes. Best decision of my week (granted it’s still Monday). I arrived at my favorite spot, only to be told that it was CUSTOMER APPRECIATION DAY. THANK YOU THANK YOU SO SO MUCH. That means 25 percent off everything and purple tags are an additional 50 percent off. HALL-EH-LUJAH.

Someday I will go into more detail about my technique when it comes to thrifting and maybe I’ll even tell you which stores in Denver carry the most J.Crew dresses or designer skinny jeans. Yes, I know these things. Tried and true. Today though, we’re just going to fawn over my spoils.

My first couple steals of the day were a pair of brightly dyed blue skinny jeans, a beautifully fitted chambray shirt from Eddie Bauer, a thin camel and gold belt, a set of vintage soda glasses (so ready to put my Guinness float recipe into action) and bright yellow pot with an adorable little wooden handle. Off to a colorful and practical start.

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My second dose of today’s hoard has my favorite item of the day: a little set of bronze and silver mixing bowls. Me thinks that I would be paying biggo moneys for these at Anthropologie. I also walked away with a sassy brown satchel and a set of vintage thick glass coke cups. The old ones I had all broke because the glass was so thin – these puppies were built to last.

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I also lucked out and found myself an authentic Mexican ceramic tortilla holder. These guys are designed to keep your ’tillas nice and cozy warm. And it’s all sexy New Mexico pottery style. Hubba hubba. Combine that with a little 8 inch cast iron skillet, you know, the real ones from back in the day, not the cheapo only pseudo cast-iron Target ones you can buy today. This guy is the real deal. Top that off with an amazingly soft cashmere scarf in what happens to be my favorite color, mustardy golden yellow and herro, momma’s in biznass.

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My last little bounty of the day was a soft chambray style Anne Taylor blouse, that’s super long and fitted, just the way my shirts look best. I also found a peachy vintage button-down blouse, that will be perfect to tuck into skirts, or use in my spring layers. Last but not least, I found myself a little cake display for my table. I’ve always wanted a precious wooden one and here one is.

What a day. What are your tips for thrifting adventures? Any good locations I should check out and share with the class?


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  1. SHOW ME YOUR WAYS WHEN I’M IN TOWN. You are the most adorable person alive. Can’t wait to hear about your good news, and you are quite the thrift hunter. That cake display is the B-O-M-B and my goal in Denver is to find a tortilla holder. BOO YA.

    Thrifting in Paris is a hoot as well, but isn’t always as “cheap” as in the states. I feel like I’m getting better. I got a vintage Dooney & Bourke bag for 10 euro at a hole in the wall place, that was bomb. And white lacy shirts are always in. BUT MAN. GOOD OL’ AMERICAN THRIFTING……

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