I am all about the holidays this year. I can’t even explain why. Jeff and I decorated my house like crazy, the tree is up, scented pinecones everywhere. Maybe it’s that he leaves this week for 3 weeks and we’re trying to just avoid all the sad feels of not having most of December together. Maybe it’s just that there have been so many things to celebrate for us this year. I have no money, so we’re skipping the gifts this season, but I’ve been cooking all kinds of seasonal food such as pumpkin soup and roasted potatoes and we’ve been drinking hot cider and tea and cocoa like crazies.


I hope everyone has been having a pleasant beginning of the season and is snuggling the heck out of their loved ones. I’ll be curled up on the couch with my dogs for the next couple weeks, if anyone is looking for me. Also, looking for volunteers to come cook dinner with me when my honey is gone…

I chose some of my favorite holiday items to share with ya’ll. I grew up in a house that had gold flatware that came out of the china hutch for Thanksgiving and Christmas dinners every year, so it holds a soft place in my heart. Don’t forget to bring comfy clothes and blankets wherever you celebrate this year!

Hugs, cuddles and lots of love to you all.

Scarf // Firewood Bag // Kinfolk Table // Gold Flatware // Cozy Throw // Booties // Candle // Mixing Bowls

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