Summer Afternoons


Soft Spirit Strong | Summer Afternoons Outfit


iPhone Case: Society 6 || Drawstring Shorts: J.Crew || Top: Steven Alan || Wedges: Zara || Sunnies: See Eyewear || Necklace: Landmine Design || Book: Goodreads

I got a porch swing this past weekend. It’s made of macrame and just the right size to gently suspend one single person. It’s perfect. This porch swing has kind of revolutionized my summer afternoons. I’ve been spending so much time reading on the porch, watching sunsets, sipping new La Croix flavors. There are so many things you can do in a swing. It’s also opened me up to a lot of conversations with my neighbors, which is something I am not very good at (pulls hat low, opens door quickly, hides inside as neighbor waves).

This outfit is inspired by my newfound love for summer afternoons and relaxing on my porch. OH and I finally got a new iPhone, so my shattered screen is officially leaving my life. I won’t be buying this gorgeous Society6 case however. I will be buying a solid steel box, some rubber grip gloves and a little layer of bubble wrap. Every time I want to use my phone, I will lay down my wrap, put on my gloves and carefully remove it from the metal box. I definitely asked the lady at the Apple store what the strongest iPhone case was, because gravity has a really big pull on my phone. Like, my phone is basically a cosmic rock and the floor is the sun (if you guys are into astrophysics). My phone is like Rachel on Breyer’s Rocky Road Icecream (also easily enjoyed from a porch swing). MY PHONE IS LIKE a mosquito and the floor is like human flesh. Yeah.


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  1. so funny.. my sister-in-law introduced me to La Croix recently. I just bought a ton at Target the other good. love the grapefruit the best so far.

    By the way, reading your blog recently (it is great by the way) actually caused me to seriously consider reviving my old dead blog habits and start up again. so I did.. I just set up there isn’t much there yet, but take a look. Cheers! // JP

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