Scout & Catalogue F/W 2012


scout & catalogue

scout & catalogue

scout & catalogue

scout & catalogue

scout & catalogue

Scout & Catalogue is one of my favorite finds this year. It’s a small store that sells gorgeous accessories, namely scarves and bags. The combination of this season’s sequins and (faux?) leather is basically spot on. The store is inspired by the boho Mexican beach culture. Sheer fabrics and geometric shapes make me feel like I’m sitting on the beach with one of these scarves wrapped on my head and giant curved sunglasses on. Meow.

Speaking of beaches, I am melting over here. It’s finally that part of the season where I go “please, please something change.” I am daydreaming about sun on my skin and dresses. I haven’t shaved my legs in a scary amount of time, TMI, I know, but I’m making a point here. Winter is doing nothing good for me right now. I’ve even started wearing summer dresses with tights underneath, as if I could fool myself into enjoying summer before it’s here.

It’s no stinking help that it’s been 60 degrees here for the past couple of days. TEASE. My favorite thing to do is roll the windows down and blast the heat in my car while I’m on the highway and play some poppy tunes. Faux-summer happy.

For more lookbooks, check here.

I wish I had some Summertime Sadness.

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