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New Balance 620 || Nike Cortez Quickstrike || Reebok Classic Leather || Adidas Stan Smith || Adidas Stella McCartney || Nike Roshe Cortez

I’m just going to call it. I think neutral sneakers are going to become a bigger thing in street fashion in the next few years; particularly nude sneakers. A wave of women wearing black athletic kicks has amped up over the past 2-3 years and while I don’t see the go-to little-black-sneaker trend ending soon, I predict women stepping it up in the warmer months with some more options in their closet.

Or maybe it’s just me.

Regardless, I scoured the web for the perfect pair to buy and I’ve limited it down to my top 6. It’s such a hard decision. The New Balance 620 are made exclusively for J.Crew stores. I’ve gotta say, I love when good shoe brands make exclusives with fashion brands that know what’s up. The gold leaf detail is spot on for spring. I could imagine myself wearing these with a long black cotton maxi. While the Nike Cortez Quickstrike’s are the epitome of minimalist street style. Paired with some rolled black skinnies and a loose heathered tee, magnifico. The Reebok Classic Leather is a great slim style (where as the Nike’s and Adidas can get a little bulky) that’s perfect for everyday wear. They’ve got some texture, so they aren’t so minimal as to go unnoticed but there’s no gold in-your-face bling. Put these guys on with a giant sunhat and a skirt or jeans and you’re good to go. The full nude color is an instant classic too. The Adidas Stan Smith line is a little hit or miss for me. I loved the men’s grey primeknit they had out last year, but the plain white ones just don’t do it for me. The new deconstructed set is gorgeous though. Minimal, clean, and perfectly neutral – if you’ve been wanting a pair of versatile neutral sneakers I’d say this is the way to go. Another Adidas collab, the Stella McCartney’s boast a hefty price tag, but if you go check out the zoom photos, these babies are gorgeous. The primeknit pattern on the side with a soft seafoam green is just enough to keep these in the neutral/fashion territory, while looking like you’ve dawned some activewear. Last but not least, the Nike Roshe Cortez are a beautiful classic. They’re a little on the bulky end, but would look so sassy with some black jeans.

I think my neutral sneakers favorites are the top four that I posted. I don’t doubt that I’ll snag the J.Crew/New Balance collab in the near future and possibly the Stan Smith’s too. Which ones are your favorite? I’ve been looking at spring shoe options a lot (I um, purged almost all of my shoes in my move) and I’ve noticed a lot of ’90s styles are being stocked in big stores again this year. I wasn’t sure if they’d make it past last summer’s ’90s revival, but it seems like we’re going strong for a while. Hello platforms!


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