Merging Seasons


fall fashion

fall fashion

fall fashion

fall fashion

I love fall, like every other human on the planet (well almost). What’s not to love? Cool, but not brisk weather, falling leaves, pumpkin everything, Halloween, chunky scarves, boots and long socks. I love fall so much, but every year I have the same problem. You see, October rolls around and it’s still warm as HECK in basically everywhere except my mind. I always convince myself that on October 1, the leaves will flutter about me in the park and I can wear tights and boots and sassy new coats for the season. I’m not delusional though, I blame October mornings. They’re chilly and dewey in Denver and they are completely deceptive, because when noon rolls around I’m sitting in the coffee shop looking a fool when everyone strips off their winter clothing only to be wearing tank tops and mini skirts and I’m melting, oh my god, in this wool sweater, kill me now.

SOTHISYEAR, I am wearing dresses underneath my sweaters. That’s right, Hotober, you can’t confuse me. I know how to win this battle.

Anyway, here are some photos of my beautiful new dress from 50 Dresses, a gorgeous design by the even more gorgeous and lovely Tess Vigil. You can find my dress here.

Stay tuned for the morning, winterized version of this outfit!


This post was created in collaboration with 50 Dresses. Thank you so much to Colleen O’Brien for the photos.

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