I cannot be trusted with nice things. Sunglasses, boyfriend’s debit cards, expensive jewelry… I have been known to lose all of these things with an uncanny rapidness. It’s always been a bit of a struggle for me when I see other women wearing really pretty jewelry or tucking away their expensive sunglasses. I wonder how they are so put-together. What girl, you don’t get sloppy drunk on Friday nights and lose all your belongings? Heh, me neither. Oh you don’t break everything that passes within a cubic foot of your body? I also don’t have that problem. Like HOW. How do you not lose/squish sunglasses? HOW do you keep your rings on your fingers? I cannot even keep polish on my nails for more than a few hours, let alone bear the burden of expensive jewelry. I am just not a dainty woman. I’m a rough and tumble tomboy at my core.

All that being said, my very sweet boyfriend bought me a beautiful ring for Valentine’s Day this year. It’s a proper womanly ring. Also to be fair, I did ask for the ring. I decided it was high-time I owned one nice object. I had been searching quite extensively for jewelry I might enjoy wearing. I may be a tomboy, but I am a pretty damn picky tomboy. And when I found ManiaMania, it was true heart-eyes-emoji love. I literally love every single thing they make. All of it. It’s just… well it fits my aesthetic to a T. Check them out, you will not be sad you did. I want every single ring they ever make.

I would also like to note, while we’re on the subject, that if I am a bit of a masculine lady… I have picked a partner who is a bit of a feminine man. And somehow, that works out just perfectly. Dude has more than twice the amount of shoes I have. And also, he’s prettier than me. And once a little kid loudly asked his mother “mom, why does he have long hair and hers is so short?” We chuckled pretty good at that one.


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