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It’s definitely spring in Louisville. The magnolia tree (!!!) bloomed in my backyard and everything smells floral and perfect. Le sigh. Denver spring definitely cannot compare to spring in the south. Denver spring is cold and comes sometime mid April. So far spring here is warm, occasionally rainy (warm rain!) and sweet. Everything is sweet. I love it. Have I also mentioned to you guys that I love lingerie? I do. I love it. I love wearing it around the house, I love it even when I am alone.

There are not many privileges to being a woman. Lower pay, lesser muscles structure, shooting giant things out of your lady bits, etc. But lingerie. Yes that is a privilege for women. Perhaps some women do not see it that way, but I find lingerie to be ridiculously fun and men, well men just get to wear boxer briefs. I combined together all of my favorite lingerie brands and here is the brief rundown:

Top left (to right, to bottom, duh):
SJ Lingerie | Anais Set: Okay so most of these brands are Australian. What can I say, the Australians know a few things: drinking, spray tans, weight lifting and… lingerie. I was seriously eyeing this set as a Valentine’s Day present for the boyfriend, but he insisted upon something black so I had to pass, but my eye has not roamed far. It’s romantic and sexy at the same time.
Instagram: @sjlingerie

Lonely | Winona Set: Lonely is perhaps my favorite lingerie brand ever. A New Zealand brand, their lingerie is of the highest quality. I bought this exact set for Valentine’s (in black, per his request) and am just swooning over this softer pink color. I have an intensely curvy bottom half and this set lingerie set looks so. good.
Instagram: @lonelylingerie

For Love & Lemons | Darla Set: This brand is the darling of the lingerie world right now for a reason. These guys just get it right every time. They combine risqué with sweet, sexy with sensuous and know what women are looking for. This particular set is the epitome of spring to me. Would love to roam around the house in this all weekend.
Instagram: @forloveandlemons

Solstice Intimates | V Strap Set: An American brand, handmade in Arizona, Solstice Intimates is truly one of a kind. I’ve not seen lingerie like theirs before. With southwestern roots, but a decidedly vintage flare this lingerie is cute and edgy at the same time. I would love to have something of theirs someday!
Instagram: @solsticeintimates

Hopeless Lingerie | Alexis Bodysuit: Another Aussie brand I’ve been oogling. They really know what’s up down under. HAHA get it? Who else do you know that can make an Australian panty pun? No one I bet. No one. I’ve been looking at this suit with both lust and apprehension for sometime. I simply cannot imagine my body fitting nicely into a one piece, but I kinda sorta wanna try it anyway.
Instagram: @hopelesslingerie

Do you guys have any favorite brands I’ve missed here? I also love Naja and Gooseberry, but I’d love to find some more obscure brands!


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