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Hiking Backpacks | Soft Spirit Strong


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I used to laugh at outdoorsy people. It’s weird growing up in a state that has such a strong lifestyle aesthetic and realizing you might actually belong in another state. If you can imagine a polar bear growing up in Costa Rica, that was me growing up in Denver. I liked camping enough as a small child, but around 16 I hated everything; not limited to bugs, hiking, Subarus, bumper stickers that said “Gone Fishing” or “CO Native”, snow and all snow-related sports, REI and anything found in REI and well, you get it, I wasn’t really into Colorado. I was actually offended by North Face jackets. My idea of the perfect place, the perfect aesthetic was New York City or Paris. What do you mean by hiking boots, exactly? Are those the ones you get at Steve Madden?

Obviously, things have changed. At some point in college, I started hiking. I remembered the freedom of the outdoors. I picked up a camera and was inspired by landscapes. I started traveling. It’s funny, the more I escaped Colorado (which was a lot), the more I came to love it. I was no longer an angry teenager who just wanted to work for a fashion magazine, but I never let go of my need for everything to look good. Function became more important the more time I spent outdoors (from many lessons learned the hard way), but I couldn’t just ignore the side of me that craves beauty, that loves fashion. The fire for overly expensive, limited run clothing still burns.

In comes the hipster revolution! Three cheers for aesthetically pleasing hiking backpacks! A lady can go exploring and look good doing it. It’s also worth noting that three of these backpacks are actually made by Colorado companies. Worlds are colliding. Look at me now.

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  1. This is the same discussion I’ve been having with friends and family. I guess it takes time to realize our blessings. And now that so many transplants are arriving in Colorado, admittedly I’m becoming possessive of our state – especially being a native like you. Keep up the good posts, Rachel.

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