Dace Spring 2013


Dace Lookbook

Dace Canada Lookbook

Dace Spring 2013

Dace Spring 2013

dace lookbook

dace spring lookbook

The sweater and skirt combo, that juxtaposition of warm and cute, the sandals and a jacket, hoodie and shorts, it’s my favorite. I love nothing more than a tank top and scarf pair. That’s why spring is basically the best. You can show some skin, get vitamin D on your toes and still get away with cozying up in a fluffy wool sweater.

The Dace Spring 2013 lookbook is just gorgeous. Eggshell and camel duets with deep navy blues intermixed. Le sigh. They have the perfect structured satchel and all of the blouses are conservatively sexy (yes that exists).

Denver doesn’t really get rain, which makes it exceptionally silly for me to spend money on wellies and rain jackets, but I choose to believe that like a Native American rain stick, if I get outside and shake it in my rain coat, rain will surely come and bless my crops.

Forget I said that. Please.

Anyone else starting to get anxious about being a pasty white color? I sure am. I need some sun stat. My legs require sunglasses to be viewed bare. Eesh.

Happy Sunday all my friends.

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