cold hands


curated cold hands

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Winter isn’t coming, it’s here. Five hugs if you got the nerd reference there. The first few weeks of winter are the only few I like, so I’m trying to just enjoy the season and mentally prepare myself for months of gloom. It doesn’t help that I have really bad circulation and seem to be extra sensitive to temperature. I have an excuse, thankyouverymuch. So here’s a few curated items to show you what I’d be buying if I had even one extra cent to spare right now. Basically, all things to keep me warm and happy.

On a happy note, I’m one day in on completing this month’s goal. Go team! It only took me 9 hours to put this post together, but the perfectionist won the battle and despite the time consumption, came out on top. I actually have to work today, so hopefully tomorrow’s post goes a little smoother.

You guys ready to hibernate?


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