Colenimo A/W 2012


I’m still a wittle infant when it comes to fashion, but it’s something I have had an interest in as far back as I remember. My mum used to let me choose my own clothing when I was in elementary school. I used to wear this shiny gold vest and Princess Jasmine headband all the time. I’m proud to stay I still have a love for all things shiny and gold, but have learned to accessorize slightly better in the past decade.

One of my favorite things to do is check out lookbooks and runway shows from designers I find. Colenimo just popped up on my radar last night thanks to Pinterest and it was collared maxi dress love at first sight. To be honest, I might have loved the spring lookbook even more than this autumn one, but I’m showing you this since it’s in season and all.

Colenimo AW 2012

The Colenimo brand was founded by Aya Nakagawa, a Tokyo Mode Fashion University graduate. All of the clothing is made in the UK, where Nakagawa moved after finishing school. The style are classically beautiful and feminine. I love how strongly the clothes embrace the season. There’s something great when you find pieces you might actually see yourself wearing, even though the outlandish high-fashion designers are masterful at their work, they can often be unrelatable to me.

colenimo designer

I love how timeless all these pieces are; perpetual style. You can never go wrong with a clean and simple maxi-dress or a collared button-up. What do you define as the most classic pieces that you keep as part of your wardrobe even when styles change?

Check out more of my favorite fashions and lookbooks on my Pinterest board.

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