Cocktail Evenings




Romper: Mango || Hat: Amici || Earrings: J.Crew || Watermelon Moscow Mule Recipe || Clutch: Cuyana || Lipstick: Nars || Sandals: Target

I took the weekend off from my busy summer explorations. I’ve just been going way too hard and it can be super hard for me to step back and just chill (you know). So after being out every single night last week, my delicate introverted soul decided to spend the weekend pretty much not leaving my house (except to see family for a bit).

It’s been SO nice just laying around on the couch, watching movies, blogging, cleaning, stuffing my face with the crumbs from not going grocery shopping. Are you guys into the Divergent series at all? I had a really difficult time getting into the books, but the movies are really good. I stayed up until 1AM last night watching them. It’s like the same as going to the bar, but better! It’s interesting that critics hated the movies so much. I loved them. There were so many little nuances in them that had me super stoked. Maybe I am just into really shitso movies?

Anyway, I’m glad I rested up! Now it’s almost time for yet another busy ass week. I’ll be looking to this outfit for the cocktail nights I’ve got planned.

OH and I’m cooking up a special surprise for y’all, stay tuned!

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