Tempt Cider


Tempt Cider

tempt cider packaging

The concept of introducing femme driven aesthetics into products that should likely be gender neutral or gender equal is one that I don’t see often. I’m working on a Freelance client right now who has gender neutral products and is really struggling with the concept of having feminine aspects, which is so often what my design style lends itself to (naturally).

Tempt Cider, a Dutch product, is some of the most intricately beautiful packaging I have ever seen. From the colors to the details to the whole execution, it’s flawless. I don’t know how the creator of such a sexy product can have the worst website in history, but apparently it’s possible.

I’ve been majorly MIA lately, which is due to me getting a shiny new freelance gig. My first big one, really. It’s amazing – I get to work on a cool website, with cool people, in an equally cool space. Denverites, have you heard of the Galvanize co-working space? This is where you will find me for at least another month.

I’m feeling really blessed right now. I needed freelance work to come along so that I can free up time to travel with my touring boyfriend this spring/summer and I saw an ad posted, thought I had no chance in heck, applied and voila, I have a job. I’m thankful that I have chosen a career that utilizes the Internet so that I can work remotely. I’m thankful that my boyfriend wants to drag me to LA and maybe even Europe soon.

Talk to you all soon. Promise to resurface sometime in May (maybe).


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