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In honor of one of my best friends, Meg, getting a really cool internship at Chanel in Paris, I decided to make a little desktop for you guys. Actually, I was 100 percent selfish and made it so I could have something pretty on my computer (still inspired by Meg’s new job though), but was feeling in a little crunch to meet my goal of posting to the blog almost err’day today and figured I could just be nice and share. ‘Tis the season, or whatever.

I have to admit it actually, Coco Chanel said one of the stupidest things I’ve ever read. That quote is just, well, so first world. I still like the quote that I used by her though, I think it’s spot on. I spent a lot of my life trying to fit in and do what other people were doing. Who am I kidding, I still do that a lot of the time. Losing my job this year has taught me a lot about being irreplaceable though and I think offering something different to whatever you’re doing is what makes the world rich and beautiful.

Go against the grain this Friday, friends.

What do you guys think of tech wallpaper? Wanna see more, or not really?

2 comments on “Desktop 01 : Different”

  1. I am simultaneously jealous of your friend Meg’s internship and your mad wallpaper-making skills. Also I kind of wish I hadn’t known that Coco Chanel said that last thing… I would go with “elitist” over “first-world”, but I mean the same thing in the end.

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