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valentine's day moodboard

So I decided to make a moodboard for Valentine’s Day, instead of doing something cheesy. I also really need to keep up some of my creativity and design chops. I googled “Valentine’s Moodboard” and was sent to the 7th layer of lovey dovey hell. Look at it. No really, just look. No wonder so many single people hate this holiday. It looks like cupid sneezed all over the Internet.

Valentine’s Day is something really different to me. When I was growing up, my mom was always my Valentine. I mean heck, she kind of still is. She always got treats and cards for my brothers and I. She made sure to help us make cookies (peanut butter ones with a chocolate kiss in the middle) for everyone in our classes and helped us pick out special gifts for our closest friends.

Maybe it’s because my mom taught me to love all the people in my life and show them all kindness that Valentine’s Day to me is about loving your family and friends as well as your sweetheart. My best friends are my Valentines. My younger brothers and my cousin Shayne are my Valentines. So are my mom and my guy, Jeff.

Try it out if you’re single especially. Make your mom your Valentine and show all of your siblings some love. Valentine’s doesn’t just have to be romance. And for all of those “you should celebrate love every day,” people, that’s quite true, however my butt cannot handle eating chocolate every day and the magic of flowers being delivered and a special dinner kinda wear off if you do it every day. Don’t forget, it’s also a great reason to dress up and love yourself too.

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