Freebie: Spring Fever Desktop



There’s an old Chinese proverb that states “if you wear sandals, summer will come sooner”… so you know. I’m the rainmaker, baby. I’m wearing sandals and it’s 55 degrees out and I am shivering like a chihuahua…

I’ve got spring fever, what can I say? I made you a spring fever desktop. That’s what I can say.

Are you guys READY?! I’m talking picnics in the park, riding bikes, baseball games, flowers, margaritas on the patio. Hallelujah! There’s no proverb about putting springy backgrounds on all of your devices, but i am pretty sure it generates the same kind of luck like a rabbit’s foot keychain.

desktop wallpaper

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1 comment on “Freebie: Spring Fever Desktop”

  1. Lady, I am right there with you! We had 70 degree weather Saturday and then the last two days it has snowed. So tired of cold weather. Thanks for the link love! Downloading this now and putting it on all my devices….maybe just maybe it’ll bring spring along with it ;)

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