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Ridings + Co Printable Gift Tags

I woke up this morning in what can only be described as a NyQuil coma. Have you ever experienced this? It’s awful. I mean I love NyQuil at night. I praise NyQuil at night. It knocks me out and if I’m taking it in the first place, you can bet I’m in a space where I really need that. NyQuil takes away all the pains of sleeping with my mouth open, or tossing from body aches and somehow lulls me so deep in to sleep that I don’t even notice that my skin is slick and I’m transcending the lines between fever and chills so gracefully I could be the Kristi Yamaguchi (circa ’92) of night sweats.

All the trouble starts at 6am when my alarm goes off. Trouble in this case looks like a giant left pointer finger shutting my alarm off. The pointer finger successfully turns off all of my alarms – I set 6, just in case – and somewhere after the sweet hour of 9am, one of my eyes opens. Just one. That’s how a NyQuil coma works. You can’t open both eyes and your breathing is so slow that they might carry you off to the morgue if they didn’t notice the profuse sweating that today looks less like Yamaguchi on ice and more like uh the Black Plague. She’s alive, hallelujah! Kinda.

The key to the NyQuil coma is 1. moving, you must get moving. And 2. Noosa honey yoghurt. And lots of it.

The point of the story is this: I made you guys some printable tags for your Christmas gifts – be glad you can print them in the comfort of your own home, far far away from this germ factory. Someone get me some peppermint tea and echinacea please.

Ridings + Co Printable Gift Tags


– Heavy weight paper (I bought matte recycled white stock from the paperie down the way – anything that can fit in your printer that has a little more weight than copy paper will do. Try glossy if you want!)
– Glue Stick or Pen
– Glitter
– Scissors
– Markers (I chose metallic bronze + gold)
– String or some sort of twine (optional)
– Washi Tape (optional)


It’s pretty simple! Just download this PDF, open and print. You may have to manually feed your paper through, which means you take out any other paper and just ease one sheet of the heavy stuff through at a time. Cut your tags carefully on the gray lines and puncture with a whole punch (or the back of your best friend’s earring she left at your house…) and thread some string through to tie it to your gift. Switch it up like I did and use some cheap washi tape to just adhere the label directly to your gift.

For the round tags, use the glue pen and make a thin layer of adhesive in between the inner and outer circles in the design. Sprinkle with glitter and let the tags dry over night. Tape with double sided maneuver or hole punch and tie!

Ridings + Co Printable Gift Tags

Ridings + Co Printable Gift Tags

Ridings + Co Printable Gift Tags

Something about this Pinterest-approved trendy brown crate paper is reminding me that I didn’t get my flu shot this year. Please Santa, bring me a little injectable stick of influenza-gelatin-formaldehyde so I can survive the rest of the plague season? I know flu shots are controversial, but I’m going to let you all in on a little secret… I’ve never had the flu, and I always get a flu shot. If I get the flu this year, we can all advocate for the flu shots, proven to work in Rachel’s clinical (home) study.

Ridings + Co Printable Gift Tags

Ridings + Co Printable Gift Tags

Do you guys know if therapy dogs (the ones they bring to hospitals) need training? Are dogs naturally therapeutic to the sick? I’m trying to get my dogs to lend me some of their healing properties or saliva or whatever it is, but I’m not sure it’s working. Snoopy is laying in bed with me acting like he’s on his last limbs of life, sprawled on his back beckoning my hands to come touch his furry tummy just one last time before he goes. My dogs would make terrible therapy pets, always trying to one-up a sick person.

I hope everyone is healthy and ready for Christmaaaaaas…!

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