Minty Fresh



Moods are described so blandly, don’t you think? When was the last time you asked a friend how they were doing and they said something other than “Meh alright,” or “I’m doing pretty good, actually,”? Something more like, “I’m super mint mojito this week!” Probably never, unless your friends are nut jobs or lushes. It leaves so much more to the imagination. Talk about stimulating conversation!

“What do you mean you feel like an elk on a Wednesday, Angela?”

This moodboard is cool colored and stark. It’s got a balance between clarity and grunge, with an emphasis on contrast and shades of green. Not the earthy greens though. This board focuses on pastel mint to deep turquoise. I imagine this board being classified as modern in 1969. It’s got a feel of classic and vintage, both at the same time. This board is the “after a delicious meal piece of gum,” or the “April afternoon”. You might call it “if Ikea existed in the ’60s,” or perhaps “Swedish greenhouse”. I like “minty fresh”.

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