MINT Issue No. 1


Mint Magazine

It was only just over a month ago that my lovely friend Courtney, asked me to be the fashion editor and art director for her magazine, MINT Magazine. This first issue was a big challenge, much like many firsts are (remember learning to write in cursive?). We struggled to get all the contributions and stories in place and are still trying to figure out how the magazine is going to look, but we made it. The first issue was published on December 13th, after some really late nights and photo shoots and lots and lots of black tea.

For now, MINT magazine is available online in PDF form or you can purchase it in print for $28. Sorry it’s so expensive. Until we start making money, we have to use a “one-off” printing service, which is a little pricey. Eventually our goal is to be able to print a full run. It’s also a quarterly magazine (thank jeebus), so the next issue won’t be out until the spring. You can be sure I’ll let you all know when that’s coming.

In the mean time, we are accepting contributors in high-fashion photography (must be an original and exclusive shoot) and creative writing. We’re also interested in art and design that is fashion oriented. Email me at rachel (at) if you’re interested.

We’re also looking for appropriate advertising. Contact me if you are interested or know of someone who is!

Download or purchase the first issue here.

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