lettering in may

My twitter-friend Angel from Studio 404 Design posted about how she is spending the month practicing her lettering skills every day in May and I was like, GIRL. And so now I am copying/joining her in this little adventure to grow my skills and do something I’ve nerded out about for a long time. So here are my first 4 days worth of lettering! Even though you can definitely see that I haven’t quite got the techniques down yet, I feel really happy about figuring out how to digitize my drawings. It’s seriously way too easy.

lettering in may

lettering in may

Hand lettering feels like a unicorn to me. Something that I really want to believe in and see photos of and hear about and it’s just outside of my grasp at all times. Because yes, unicorns are just outside of my grasp at all times. I’ve always wanted to learn how to do lettering when I look at blogs like Cocorrina and The Fresh Exchange, but the digitizing component of it always freaked me out. I don’t know why, don’t ask questions.

Hand lettering is sort of weirdly emotional for me. I’ve never loved my natural handwriting. It looks childish and chicken scratchy. I used to stare and my mother’s perfectly elegant cursive writing and then look at my own and feel silly. When I was in the 7th grade I actually took time to change the way I wrote some of my letters (F & Y) because I hated them so much. When I was in college I had this coffee shop job and I would spend hours every week trying to emulate fonts on my phone and this was before hand lettering was an actual thing.

lettering in may

lettering in may

Anyway, you can see my daily letters on my twitter, @softspiritblog.

Happy Monday, babes.

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  1. Sums throwing me every. darn. time. Oh my brain! (and yes, I promise not to mention that in every comment).

    I think you’ve done a beautiful job from the pov of someone who has tried and failed miserably to hand letter – it’s tough! And I am so with you on changing letters – I’ve done so many’a time over the years. Now I just write in block letters because no one – not even me – can read my handwriting. It’s that dreadful *sobs*

    I love that last one, against the blue – perfectly done!

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