Kusukusu Font


kusukusu font

kusukusu font

So I thought last Monday was hard, HA. I want to go back to last Monday and give myself a high-five in the face. Last Monday was cake. But whatever. I’m going to destroy this Monday, even if it’s not started off so well.

I’m not even going to tell you about this Monday, like I did last week, because it’s just that dumb.

I hope you guys have less of a Monday problem than I do.

Also, enjoy this Kusukusu font. It’s a nice one.

3 comments on “Kusukusu Font”

  1. Sad to hear that your Mondays haven’t been going well! Hope they get better soon dear. As always, love all the new fonts you are introducing to me! xx

  2. I really love the lowercase h in this typeface. It has such a unique flair. Loving your blog! Mondays are hard for me as well but hopefully they will start to get better.

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