Hue | Denzler


I love color. I especially love color when it’s used smartly. Lately for me that’s meant using it to tell a story – not just to be pretty. I don’t wear much in the way of color these days, unless you count shades of grey as colors. My wardrobe has been slowly but surely decreasing in reds and greens and increasing in… black. Lots of black. One of my favorite things to do with black is to pair it with one single color. All black everything, except my red Onitsuka Tigers. I guess it’s sort of like my amount of color is decreasing, but my appreciation for color is increasing.

Isn’t there some saying about color being the spice of life or something? I think I saw that on a poster in a hallway of my middle school 15 years ago. Maybe I’m getting it wrong.


I love Andy Denzler as an artist. I was introduced to him by Anthology Magazine’s blog post on him a while back. He’s completely incredible and someday I hope to interview him.


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