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2560 // 1920 // 1680 // 1440 // iphone // ipad

It’s that time of year, officially! It’s been Christmas time around my home for a month now, but I can finally start celebrating the season now that it’s December. The truth is, I put my Christmas tree up a week after Halloween and if we’re friends on Rdio, you know I’ve been jamming this for a few days as well. So now we can all upgrade our tech to have reindeers and crass sayings.


2560 // 1920 // 1680 // 1440 // iphone // ipad


2560 // 1920 // 1680 // 1440 // iphone // ipad

What’s your favorite part of December? I have so many. I love when Christmas lights go up and I really love the annual Christmas parade. I always allow myself to have a peppermint white mocha at least a few times through the month, so that’s a nice treat. I also love the colors, the snow, the foods at this time of year. I love the carols and the movies and buying gifts for those I love.


The wreath in the bottom design was sourced from here.

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