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That’s right, ladies and gentlemen. This one-person multi-service creativity machine is open for business! It’s been a crazy, scary, ecstatic and beautiful road that has many turns ahead. I have been doing freelance work for the past two years on a part-time basis, but have recently made it into a full-time job. I’m still looking at all my opportunities, but I’m open to take on more clients in all of my service areas right now.


Graphic Design
After years of building a portfolio and teaching myself the necessary skills, I can now open up shop for web, blog, e-commerce, UX/UI, mobile applications, branding and print design. I will partner with individuals, agencies and even directly with companies who are looking for services such as websites, business cards, logos, mobile apps, flyers and more. Check out my web portfolio here and send me an email to see my “internal” or corporate design portfolio (for business and agencies).

– Websites
– Business Cards
– Graphics
– Logo
– Mobile apps
– Print
– UX / UI / IA

I’m a freelance designer in Denver, but am available for all projects on a remote basis. I am also available for travel for client meetings. If you’re in the metro area I’d be more than happy to pop in for meetings – otherwise let’s meet at your favorite coffee shop.

Taking photos is one of my biggest passions. I have traveled to multiple countries, have experience in weddings, engagements, events, maternity, food and portrait photography. Check out my full portfolio here.

– Portraits
– Weddings
– Engagements
– Maternity
– Events
– Portraits

I shoot Canon and prefer natural light. Please email for pricing and packages! I am currently booking up quickly for this year’s wedding season.

With a degree in Journalism, I have a long history of writing for publications. I truly love the art of language and hope to someday write my own novel! See my prior work here. I am able to do extensive research in industries and write from an expert’s perspective. I most enjoy doing interviews and columns.

– Site Optimization
– Feature Writing
– Blogging
– Ghost Writing
– Copyediting & Proofreading

Social Media
I’m that person; the early adopter, the more-than-enthusiast, the social media nerd. I love most social media platforms, from Twitter to Instagram, Facebook to LinkedIn, I know the ins and outs and enjoy sharing my expertise. I have even written social media strategy plans for businesses.

– Optimization, upkeep and strategy for Facebook, Facebook Pages, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, Vine, Pinterest, Tumblr, Foursquare, Yelp, Flickr and Goodreads.
– Check me out on Klout to see how influential I am.

Want to see more work? Conduct and interview? Learn more about pricing? Simply just sit down and chat? Awesome. You can reach me here:
E-mail –
Phone – 720-366-0364
Social – Contact me via Facebook or Twitter (see right)

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