Flat Minimalism


Flat Minimalism


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I stayed out so late last night. Sometimes it’s good to do that, to find yourself walking home alone at 3:30 in the morning, knowing you have work in a few hours. “Why is that good? That’s downright awful,” you’re likely thinking. Well the truth is, you’re probably more right than I am, but a night of hilarious adventures is worth it every so often. Now I will try to avoid all human contact and stay inside my house for the next 5 days.

“What does all of that have to do with flat minimalism design?” you’re now thinking. And again, you have the upper hand here, because that has nothing to do with anything. I promise I will get on topic in the next sentence.

One of my favorite design trends going around right now is the flat, pastel look. Bright whites, muted greys, soft pinks and well-kerned fonts. Lots of breathing room and light airy patterns are also part of the trend (do I sound like I’m trying to sell you a house… or linens… or maybe a poodle?). It’s funny to look back on the big design trends of the early 2000s; bold colors, contrasty photos, hyper edited, hyper surreal. Think Pepsi advertisements. Or if you want to compare apples to apples look at the body brands of the early 2000s. Bath and Body Works could not look more different from the currently trendy Aesop Skincare. It’s so interesting isn’t it?

I hope everyone finds some time to stay out late with their friends, be wild (dance in a cage once in a blue moon ok), drink a bit too much and then walk 4 miles home in the middle of the night to clear your mind. It’s good for the spirit to be strange and spontaneous.

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