first snow


moodboard first snow

I’m going to be honest with you guys, I don’t make moodboards for cool projects like a lot of the design bloggers out there do. Mostly, I don’t work on original branding projects and on the rare occasion that I do, it’s typically through an agency who has an established process. That being said, it’s my goal to someday work on projects that could make use of a moodboard, so I create them from time to time to have a little arsenal stored up. They’re also darn tootin’ fun if you’re a designer who happens to be watching a movie on a Thursday night and needs something to do with her hands.

So there.

This board is inspired by the first snow of the season that we got yesterday. It was so lovely. I barely even got out of bed. I worked in my pajamas all day, drank hot cider and watched movies on the couch with my lover. If only all winter days were snowy…

Wanna see a few more moodboards I did quite a while ago? Look here.

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