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freelance designer denver

So the good news is that I’ve been fairly busy this month. The beginning of the year rolled around and several new clients came my way. The bad news is that I am definitely behind on showing off some of my work.

This project was a really simple and fun one for my friend Olivia. She owns her own jewelry retail store that was housed completely on Etsy. Olivia wanted to kick off the new year with a new website and chose to go with a template customization rather than a custom design. It’s a really great option for young entrepreneurs who don’t yet have the funds to do a website from scratch.

freelance designer denver

freelance designer denver

We chose the Shopify platform, which I recommend highly if you have a store online. It’s fairly inexpensive and there are so many wonderful templates to customize. In order to show off the beautiful photos of the jewelry she sells, Olivia wanted something clean and minimal, yet high-functioning. She needs to fulfill orders online and have a fair amount of flexibility with how her products are organized and displayed.

Shopify was a great solution because it also has blog support in the theme Olivia chose. I was able to customize the CSS and liquid (Shopify’s own dev language) files to make some full-width templates with Olivia’s favorite fonts, colors and functions. I also created custom graphics and banners to adorn the site and truly make it hers.

Olivia was such a gem to work with – I’m happy that she has decided to make me a long-term digital partner and we are going to continue to grow the Cleopatra’s Bling brand together! Stay tuned for our upcoming projects and updates.

freelance designer denver

freelance designer denver

To inquire about customizing your very own online store, portfolio or blog, email me at To see more of my work, find me here.

To see Olivia’s website, go here.


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