Today, I introduce to you Typography, my newest idea and series on the blog. The goal of this column is to keep me busy making art! So every Monday you will be seeing a new piece I’m working on. For the first couple of weeks I’ll be pushing out this new poster series all about letters and nouns. It’s called “Letter Study” and will celebrate each letter of the English alphabet by showcasing a noun that begins with the corresponding letter.

Today I chose Amaranth, which is a flower. My boyfriend loves to take Amaranth pearls, which are a grain and make them as breakfast. Next week you’ll be seeing a few more letters! What do you think of this new idea?

Happy Monday to you all. I plan on sitting in my pajamas and working until I ride my bike off to get a glass of wine for happy hour.


Also, if you just adore the print, it’s available for purchase in several sizes right here.

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