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alvin diec

Working at a digital ad agency, I probably hear “print design is dead” eighthundredmillion times a week. I jovially nod my head and think “damn right it is! out with the old and in with my money making!” This is maybe kind of a little true, but not completely. I know this because I look around my desk and spy a half dozen labels, the tee shirt I’m wearing, a gorgeously designed book cover, some greeting cards, three posters, a package of gum, my Chipotle bag, a sassy Kleenex box (these things just keep getting better and better, a welcome change from the pink flowered ones I grew up with), the packaging that contains my tea and some extra amazing bottle die cut business cards. Not to say that I haven’t been staring at a computer all day or an iPhone with many many apps on it, but I think the point is that there are a lot of things still being printed these days.

Maybe it’s a dying art as others claim. I still can’t imagine a digital Kleenex box and I’d like to think I’m not some antiquated fogie because I like to purchase good prints.

Alvin Diec is one of the many amazing print artists keeping the trade alive. Alive and well I might add! He has created some of the most beautiful and thoughtful packaging I have seen in a while. Did I mention his posters? I lurve them. All of them. I want them all. Well I’m sitting around fiddling with websites, Diec is creating tee-shirt graphics, logos, posters and an array of packaging items. I’m jealous… jealously inspired. Definitely going to try out the Diec style and combine rustic with modern and become trendy illustration awesome too (I hope). Check him out.

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  1. BEAUTIFUL. Even if people say it’s dying, it will hundreds of years for it to go away. So many older treasures and passionate people fighting to keep it alive. Hehe! Thank goodness!

    I dig the rustic side of his graphics. So inspiring, indeed!

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