Winter Reading List


winter reading list

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Every season has its hobbies and foods and traditions and joys associated with it. Winter is the smell of pine and hot drinks and cuddling under tons of blankets and oversized sweaters. Spring is cardigans and the smell of rain and fruit and bright colors. Summer reminds of me fresh cut grass and sleeping with the windows open and sangria and sitting on patios and my harmonica. Fall, my favorite, is pumpkins and boots and leaves in the mountains and the weird smell of colder air and gnocchi. Don’t ask why gnocchi, nothing screams autumn quite like carrot gnocchi to me.

Each season is a different flavor but they all have something in common, reading. Reading is a piece of every single season to me. In the winter, I curl up with a glass of hot cocoa, turn on my bedside lamp and read late into the night. In the spring, it’s reading in transit. On the bus, on a plane, on a train, in a dress. Summer reading is my favorite. It’s opening the window at 8am on a Saturday and letting the warm air spread around me as I lay above the covers and stop reading only for meals and when my dog needs a walk. Fall reading is in a library or coffee shop. Always with tea and a snack.

I love reading. When I was a kid in grade school, I always got sad when other kids talked about their talents because I didn’t have one except for reading. I was so good at it. Little did I know that my true talent was learning, which ties heavily into literacy. My other talent was imagination, which might perhaps be a skill obtained by reading.

In any case, it gets harder and harder to find the time to read but now I’m setting a goal to read all of these books before winter has ended. Hope you enjoy a good winter reading list too.

Have you read any of these? Any good suggestions for me?

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2 comments on “Winter Reading List”

  1. I’ve never quite gotten into reading, but I’ve always wanted to!
    But.. I do read a lot of articles and blogs online, if that counts? With tea, too. Always.

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