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victoria semykina illustration

victoria semykina

victoria semykina

victoria semykina

victoria semykina

Have you seen this beautiful collection of illustrations by Victoria Semykina? I found her profile on Behance and fell in love. She has several series that I really adore and I might feature more of them later on, but something about this Flea Market set really appealed to me. I love the thin line work, unrealistic shapes and the small flashes of color with the majority of the sketches being black and white.

Semykina combines feminine line work, with neutral subject matter to create illustrations that are lively enough for all ages and classic enough for all audiences. I love all of the vintage pieces she put into the drawings – makes me really jealous of the flea market where she lives. At the flea market in Denver, you mostly find hand knitted Justin Bieber rugs and cassette tapes priced 100 for $1.00. I wish I could find beautiful old things.

The characters are all wonderful too. She draws them with small exaggerated details that make them friendly, but not your friend. They’re very much drawings and appeal to your imagination rather than being ultra-realistic and appealing to your human connectivity.

What kind of illustrations appeal to you? I like these foreign looking ones with all the simple line work and strange textures!

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