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The Light Between Oceans

February 14, 2017 0 comment

The Light Between Oceans
The Light Between Oceans by M.L. Stedman || 343 Pages || 3/5 Review


Happy Valentine’s Day. Instead of working on a holiday blog post, I did the only thing I’m good for anymore – I wrote a book review. Luckily this one was written only 4 weeks after I finished reading it! Progress. I am going to write about the book I finished last week maybe in 2 more weeks and really get this progress ball rolling.

Heh. I am not a good blogger, or book reader, or any of the things I once was but the winds of change are coming and I will be making some changes to my life and creative outlets and such soon.

Light Between the Oceans by M.L. Stedman

I feel like I spent this whole book screaming at the characters.

The story has an enticing premise, no doubt, but there was something about the characters that really rubbed me wrong. I have such a hard time deciding if they were distinctly human or totally inhuman in their actions, decisions, traits. Whatever they are, they were so frustrating.

The story takes place in a time past, on a little island named Janus located somewhere between Antarctica and Australia. The island is inhabited by a single family composed of an extremely passive, yet surprisingly headstrong man named Tom and his emotionally inflexible and manipulative wife, Lucy. They experience some very hard decisions and by and large continually make the wrong decisions throughout the book. I think the first half of the book had a bit more sweetness and beauty to it than the miserable and frustrating second half.

It was a very quick read and I would recommend it if you wanted to tear through a light read and are not easily thrown off by characters who make annoying choices.


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