Look who’s back already! Making good on my promises and all.

I have a confession. I’m dying for some snow over here. This is a confession because I am an ardent (and self-proclaimed) snow hater. Actually I love snow, I just hate the thing that happens after snow, where everything is bright and dirty and cold and not pretty. But this year, everything seems to be staying unseasonably warm and bright and sunny and I’m wearing all black and have shifted to drinking hot beverages and where is the damned snow? I also remembered Brianna’s snowy trip to Keystone at the beginning of the year and am so needing this.

Oh, art. Yes, how does that tie into snow? It doesn’t. Besides that this art has bright whites and reminded me of winter and then I pitched myself out into left field there. Sorry. Here are a few of the artists that have been inspiring me lately. It’s sort of strange when you see these thick themes running through your life and you can’t exactly explain why this reoccurring element keeps coming back. That’s me with paint. Over the past year or two, some of the most natural and intrinsic inspiration in my life has all boiled down to paint. Oil, watercolor, acrylic, doesn’t seem to matter, but the art I am loving is definitely paint.

I signed up for a pottery class a while back and haven’t had a chance to get in… maybe I should be doing a painting class (like this) instead…

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