Plant Portraits



“When Francis Ooi leaves home, telling his wife he’s going for a run, he’s obviously lying. Because he walks more than he runs. And he’s never out of breath either. Otherwise he’d never spot his breathtaking subjects, on the pathways of Singapore.”

What I See When I Run is a project dedicated to making “portraits” of plants. What an intriguing concept – giving a plant a humanistic quality. It’s a totally accurate description though! Each of his photographs feels like looking at a portrait of a person, he gives the plants so much character and room to be… well… plants. Idk just go look at it.

On a completely unrelated side-note, today started out with so much stress and I listened to a 10 minute meditation on Buddhify and then found the Indian Pop radio station on Rdio. I think this might be the homeopathic cure for anxiety? I am not shitting you on any level. I was feeling panicky and angry and my chest was tight and then BAM, I’m cool again. Try it out sometime. I just cannot have anxiety while listening to meditations or Indian Pop music.

To see more of What I See When I Run, check out his tumblr.

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