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NOS4A2 Book Review
NOS4A2 by Joe Hill || 689 Pages || 3/5 Review

Guh – 2 things.

1. I have only been posting book reviews on my blog, which is just sad. Sometimes I just cannot keep up with anything in life and my blog seems to be the thing that suffers most.

2. Another suffering life item is posting book reviews months after I read the books, which makes for sub par material.

I promise I will try to be a better human across the board.

NOS4A2 by Joe Hill

I read this between Halloween and Christmas, which was the exact perfect time to read this book since it’s basically a blend of both.

Joe Hill has taken what is normally a joyous holiday and turned it into a terrible, pedophile’s dream land. Which is to say, this book is definitely original. I loved how strange it was – part sci-fi, part horror, part drama, part pulp. It’s hard to pigeonhole this book into… well anything. There was not a ton of glamour in the book, but perhaps to the point of being a bit sad. I really wanted something or other to work out for the protagonist and well, she basically just got the sh*t beaten out of her through the whole book, but I recognize the effort that Hill exerted in making sure that this book was not a cliche.

I’d recommend it as a simple fun horror to read as I did, during the holiday season. It’s easy to read, although sometimes a bit tedious. The story will not let you predict outcomes in an interesting way.


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