mixtape no. 007 | flicker


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1. Conquest of Spaces – Woodkid
2. Happiness – American Tomahawk
3. Speed of Dark – Emiliana Torrini
4. Skyscraper – Julian Plenti
5. You Took Your Time – Mount Kimbie
6. End of Time – CocoRosie
7. Canary Bay – Indochine
8. Horse Tears – Goldfrapp
9. Recognise – The Hundred in the Hands

I think this playlist is maybe one of my all-time favorites that I’ve made. It balances inspiring with dark, ambient with melodic. It’s got tones of October and a reflective beauty that I’ve been finding in many places in my life.

The more we do something, the better we get. I feel like I might be starting to hold my own and achieve what I want to achieve in this blogging realm. I’ve been finding my aesthetic coming out more and more from what my ideals are in my mind. It’s so crazy to see your design skills grow over the course of just a month.


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