Mixtape No. 005 | Never Alone


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1. Puzzle Pieces – Saint Motel
2. Sister Wife – Alex Winston
3. Rox in the Box – The Decemberists
4. Gold Coast – Group Love
5. No One Does it Like You – Department of Eagles
6. Awake My Body – Alexander
7. Tusk – Fleetwood Mac
8. I Feel It All – Feist
9. Nearly Old Friends – Horse Feathers
10. Lesson One – Starsmith
11. Tessellate – alt-J

I’m backtracking a little on playlists here, this one was from March. It’s been a crazy few months what with jobs and moving and traveling and listening to music has really helped keep me at ease. This playlist is lyrically drive and indie rock heavy. I recommend it for a long drive out to the country plains. Just remember you’re never alone.


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