Lan Truong


Lan Truong

I wake up with my boyfriend who is traveling to Los Angeles today for work. He hops out of bed and I miss him already. My bed is small, so I feel the difference immediately when he leaves. I grab Snoopy and make him cuddle me so I can go back to sleep.

Jeff kisses me goodbye and I decide to be comfy for now and sad later. I remind him to grab the juice I bought for him. His dog Garfunkel curls up next to me, alert.

In the past fifteen minutes, Jeff has wedged his truck into a precarious position, where it’s stuck on some ice and poking out into the middle of the road. I get dressed, he’s stressed about being late to the airport. I can’t drive a stick and if his car stalls it won’t turn on again in the cold. He gets in, I attempt to push with my tiny flabby muscles. He gets even more frustrated and almost falls in the ice. I see the humor in it all. We get my floor pads from my car out back and wedge them under the tires of his truck. This almost works, but ends up making his vehicle just poke into the street more.

I remind Jeff of his flight and drive him home. I leave little handwritten notes clamped in the windows of his truck asking for help.

Either I called my mom in my sleep or she has amazing intuition but somehow we ended up on the phone and she offered to pop by after work and move the truck for me.

There is still a white truck in front of my house that I can’t drive. I have received one phone call from a stranger. Lan Truong’s illustrations are making today feel better.

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