Jen Mann | Gathering of the Psyche


jen mann

jen mann

jen mann

jen mann

Jen Mann is a Canadian artist who has a BFA in printmaking. Most of Mann’s work focuses on the human body and specifically the female form, however she mixes scenery, animals and shapes into her artwork. This particular group of work called Gathering of the Psyche is all done in muted white shades and Mann says it focuses more on the existential and the soul. The images are fading softly into their background and appear fleeting on the medium.

Her website says, “Mann says she was inspired by the Celtic rune stone “Oden” (the blank stone) which stands for limitless possibilities, and at the same time, embodies nothingness.”

This is one of the best uses of white space I have ever seen – take it from a former art student.

There’s something insanely beautiful about blending in, isn’t there?

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