Sometimes I feel guilty about my blatant lack of interest in the news, especially having a degree in Journalism (and PR). I follow a few news sources, but nothing like how my parents and grandparents follow them. I don’t read newspapers, I don’t watch a news channel. I follow some local stations on Twitter to hear the breaking stuff, but the majority of the news just… saddens me. And maybe that’s how it is supposed to be. Maybe we carry some social responsibility to feel the sadness of the world… but I won’t get into anything too existential here.

The truth is, I read blogs daily. I love the content. I love sharing with individual joys and individual struggles. I like following the personalities on their journeys. I wonder if this is a massive shift or if it’s just me and a few others. Do you guys consume public news?

Okay that got way more heavy that I planned for. HAH. On a light note, I love these bloggers. I love their content, I love their lives and journeys and personalities.

bloomin' rouge blog
1. Bloomin’ Rouge
I have two things I look for in a beauty blogger: 1. Aesthetic. I want to find bloggers who have a similar style to me and actually give out tips and inspo that apply to me and my style. 2. Trustworthiness. Honestly it can be hard to find bloggers in the beauty sector who don’t just hand out good reviews for free products. But my girl Bloomin’ Rouge is not in that sector. Hah. Her posts are great though – I love how she demonstrates different makeup styles, mixed with product reviews (honest ones) mixed with tidbits about life. Did I mention that her writing is witty and hilarious? Here are a few of her posts I love here, here and here.

2. Noor AlQahtani
I’ve followed Noor’s blog for many, many moons. I’ve always been equally entranced with her life in Saudi Arabia (I have a thing for Saudi, idk) and her amazing skills when it comes to graphic design. The best thing about Noor’s blog is all the tips and advice she gives. From WordPress tutorials to pinterest to mobile apps, Noor covers so much. I have learned so much from her blog. Check out my favorites here, here and here.

3. Cookie and Kate
Ahhh Cookie + Kate. This blog has supplied me with many a yummy vegan meal. When Jeff and I were vegans, this blog supplied us with so many good recipes and food ideas. I love how simply and delicious some of the recipes over there are. One of the really important things to me when it comes to food blogging is how realistic the recipes are. I don’t want to have to try and whip up something too complex or unhealthy, and Cookie and Kate is really good at making sure I’m eating well and in a timely fashion. Ha-ha. These are my favorite recipes here, here and here.

4. Kertiii
I’ve been reading Kerti’s blog since before I even knew what blogs really were (aka 2010). I used to sit at work and dream about her life. I’ve been able to watch her go from highschool to university, meet her love, grow her career, watch her illustrations, photography and outfits all change and expand over time. It’s just so cool. She always has amazing hair and clothes, so if that’s your thing check her out. I can’t even list off three posts because there are so many I love.

5. Bethany Gosvenor
Bethany is a fine artist, who unlike most, is actually pursuing a life creating the art that genuinely moves her as a person. Her photos are simple and calming to look at, but the true gem is reading her words. She’s completely relatable and just… real. She doesn’t have a ton of content but it’s all very good. These are my favorites here, here and here.

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