Black + White


Inspiration Black and White
Inspiration Black and White

A few months ago, I became the social media manager at my job. It’s really fun and it gets me thinking about social media and communication a lot more than I ever have before. One of the topics bouncing around my cerebrum is how to use Pinterest effectively, which is a lot more abstract and complex and individual as it sounds. Social media is something, let’s call it a skill, that comes to me naturally. I have Twitter ESP. Intuition of Instagram. More often than not the things I naturally do on social media are rewarded with likes and followers and friends and generally good feedback. Is that my end goal though? When I am using social medias, particularly Instagram, Pinterest and Twitter, I am using them as an archive.

Wow that went on and on. ANYWAY, my point was that I’ve created these boards on Pinterest to document a scope of permeable (and yet sometimes not) aesthetics. One of my all-time favorite boards that I’ve slowly been adding to is my Inspiration: Black + White board.

Both black and white play big roles in my life. Conceptually, visually, cerebrally, metaphorically… Are you inspired by the lack of anything and presence of everything?

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