6 DIY Projects I Actually Want To Do


DIY mountain pillow

DIY geometric hanging shapes title=

DIY sleep salve

DIY leather wrapped can

DIY hanging crosses

DIY painted mug

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Genetics are tricky, aren’t they? Some people get born right-handed, others left. Some people get acne and others clear skin. Heck, some are even born with the predisposition toward certain forte’s, such as music or mathematics or art.

I personally was born with auburn hair, pale skin, 5’4″ tall, straight teeth and a knack for organization and logic. I’m piss poor at mathematics and can’t taste bitter. I was certainly blessed in some areas, one of those was not DIY projects.

You could argue that DIY projects are not genetic, but I’d counter that argument. There’s no other explanation! Some girls are just so damn good at coming up with cool projects that they can make at home with a small list of supplies. I wasn’t born with that. I can follow instructions like a champ, but inventing projects and somehow being able to do them just isn’t in me.

Or maybe it’s a secret I haven’t been let in on. You know, like yoga. Before yoga I was just so bad at being flexible, but then I went to classes and voila! I am a stretching boss. Perhaps it’s kept under lock like Colonel Sander’s recipe for that blasted chicken. It could be invite only? You know, like Google+ was? If you have the secret to being a DIY goddess, I can pay you handsomely in extra Taco Bell sauce packets and vintage (2000 – 2005) band stickers.

The projects above are all ones I plan on doing (as soon as I can afford supplies, c’mon pay day!) and posting about. I’m excited to use my hands and make something of my own. Please share any good DIY’s you’ve seen lately!

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