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Pie vs. cake isn’t even an argument for me. Not because I find one to be superior to the other, but it’s like asking whether I prefer chapstick or lipgloss (yes it is, you… shush). They simply aren’t comparable. I like birthday cake and Thanksgiving pie and chocolate cake and apple pie and why would we compare house cats and Cheetahs? Same family, but not the same species. I never have to choose between icecream and yogurt… WHY would I have to be a cake lover OR a pie lover?!

The Humble Pie Store is located between the Golden Triangle and Baker neighborhoods in Denver. The store has seasonally varying pies available by the slice or the whole pie (or even the mini pie on some!) and carries both savory and sweet dishes. They also do event catering, which is awesome because now I need to think up some sort of cute event that could feature pie. Piefest 2013? They also have a full coffee bar that my lovely friend Paul works at a few days a week.

Also reclaimed wood surge in Denver – anyone else seen it? I’ve never been to Portland, but in my head, Denver is becoming the new beetle kill pine haven of the west. I’ve been frequenting coffee shops lately and all these new little spots keep popping up with amazing tables. According to the Humble Pie Facebook, local Colorado company Elevated State of Design created the sassy Humble Pie tables.

The Humble Pie Store
300 Elati St.
Denver, Colorado 80223

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